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STEM Curriculum


Science experiments are conducted weekly. Our science curriculum is curated through generation genius.

There are hundreds of career fields in science.

We are determined to convince our scholars they are worthy and capable of fulfilling one and changing the world.


Tech courses are taught through techie kids club.

Technology is constantly improving and being created.

Technology has always been a representation of the future. We want our scholars to use their scientific knowledge and know that they can be a part of the acceleration of the future.



All toys are STEM related. Scholars will be introduced to engineering concepts through play.

Engineering is building and expanding. We want to build big dreams into our scholars. We will help these dreams become practical through play and social activities.


Mathematics is a universal language. The process of understanding math is similar to understanding one another.

Math can be seen as the foundation of education as is understanding one another the foundation of healthy relationships.

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